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On the cooking education, you work creatively with raw materials and learn a craft that pleases other people. You combine taste, smell, texture, color and appearance so that the food speaks to our senses. You become sharp on techniques and green, sustainable cuisine and create good career opportunities for yourself. You are sure of a job after graduation, because there is a great demand for chefs in restaurants, hotels, cafes and canteens - regardless of whether it is in Denmark or abroad. A large part of your education takes place outside the industry, and you get paid during your apprenticeship and during the school stay of the main course. And then it's an education that you can easily build on. Some continue their studies, while others use the education as a building block in their career as an independent entrepreneur, manager or teacher.


Teknologi og Kommunikation

The education focuses on the importance of digital media for communication, collaboration and digital innovation. The education is interdisciplinary and combines media science, computer science and communication. In addition to knowledge of software development and IT architecture, you gain insight into various methods for collecting and analyzing both big data and data obtained from, for example, qualitative interviews. You also learn about media and communication theory.

København Tekniskskole


HHX is an upper secondary education with a particular focus on subjects such as business economics, marketing, international economics and commercial law. HHX, which stands for higher trade examination, can be equated with the general and technical high school and the education gives access to just as many higher educations.

Roskilde Handelsskole

Kommunikation i praksis / Communication in practice

Strong in communication goals, recipient/sender relationships, planning and dissemination tools with and without artificial intelligence Able to choose the right media in relation to communication messages Equipped to analyze and assess work tasks with a view to highly productive and professional solution of these Dressed for a job such as sales and administration coordinator, communications officer, communications consultant and/or communications advisor

2009, 2013 & 2015

Ledelseskursus / Management course

Expansion of competences and personal tools for good management

Roskilde Handelsskole

Levnedsmiddelbevis / Food certificate

Required for work with food in Denmark. Knowledge of temperatures, handling and treatment



April 2024 - Present

Sales Consultant

Sale of pest control, business advice, negotiation at management level. Knowledge to make a difference

A/S Mortalin
2023 - 2024

Head of sales

Responsibility for sales in Denmark. Management, negotiation, business consulting and development

Marriott Hotels
2021 - 2023

Business Development Manager

Sale of water filters and related solutions for the restaurant industry. Negotiation of long-term agreements at chain level. Development and collaboration with some of the country's most recognized restaurants. Quotation, advice etc.

Søegaard Vandteknik
2020 - 2021

Key Account Manager

Advice and sales to existing customers. Cultivation and sale for new items. Bidding and negotiation on cleaning for businesses. Tenders for businesses and public bodies. Negotiation of long-term agreements at management level. Measurement, inspection and solution descriptions.

Anders Andersen's Rengøring
2017 - 2020

Independent Consultant

Self-employed consultant with a view to negotiation on behalf of companies and restaurants with suppliers within the 'no cure - no pay' concept. Larger concepts at the chain level. Negotiation, optimization and consulting. The company sold to RedOffice in 2020

Costcut Kopenhagen
2015 - 2017

Business Development Manager

Sale of office supplies, furniture, coffee/fruit and plant solutions. Negotiation with companies in all sizes. Annual agreements, chain agreements and tenders. Responsible for OfficeDepot customers Zealand. Counseling at management level.

Mogens Daarbak A/S
2013 - 2015

Head of Sales

Responsible for sales in Denmark. Negotiation with private companies and public bodies. Personnel responsibility. Participation in fairs throughout Scandinavia.

ABAX Danmark A/S
2011 - 2013


Sale of kitchen, bath, utility room etc. For private and commercial use. Advice on solutions based on budget. Surveying, drawing and tendering. Management and personnel responsibility.

Vordingborg Køkkenet
2000 - 2010

Restaurateur & Head Chef

Own restaurants and bars in Roskilde, Holbæk, Helsingborg and Rungsted Havn.

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About Me

My name is Rasmus Juel Rosenbak. I'm in my 40's, father of half a football team, married to Camilla and living in the middle of the countryside with both children and animals.

Over the past 20+ years, I have enriched Danish and Nordic business life with my skills and competences. Especially within HORECA and SALES, where I have been part of great successes over the years.

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Work Testimonial

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“Rasmus' skills fit into most companies and he will be a serious addition for the vast majority. He delivers from day one and brings exceptionally good mood into a group. As the most natural thing in the world, he can adapt to any environment. I have only good words to say on his behalf”

— Nikolaj Starnø, CCO Anders Andersens Rengøring
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“His large and well-maintained network, especially within the restaurant industry, has been a huge addition to our business. Rasmus is a fantastic person who always has time to share his experiences with colleagues and never puts himself above the team.”

— Christian Søegaard, Founder & CEO Søegaard Vandteknik.



With my own restaurants for more than 10 years, I know how to collaborate with all kinds of people, manage and lead to achieve the best results every single day and help with the development and achievement of objectives


In the beautiful world of sales, I have been part of many exciting deals over the years. Big as small. All of them have in common that they have improved me as a person and expanded my range within B2B sales with a specialty in advising customers. Negotiation of agreements, short and long-term at all levels.

Business Development

Development of companies and business relationships. Ideas, initiatives, and activities that help make a business better. This includes increasing revenues, growth in terms of business expansion, increasing profitability by building strategic partnerships, and making strategic business decisions.


As an independent consultant, especially in the restaurant industry, I have created many good and strong contacts and networks. With a view to optimizing the customers' businesses, I have done several turn a rounds over the years, which has meant that the customers' cafes, restaurants and other businesses are alive and well to this day.

Customer care & Network

With participation in several of Denmark's largest business networks, I am a driven networker and like to make new contacts through meetings. I like to do something extra for my customers, which is why I always try to create unforgettable and good experiences so that they feel special. This means a lot to me and can be anything from football matches, concerts, travel, meetings etc. For me is a very important part of my professional life.


Through my years as a professional handball player, I have learned what it means to fight and improve. To be a skilled team player and dare to take responsibility and be a leader when the going gets tough. It has also taught me to be serious and take advice from others.

Press Release

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New Position

Rasmus Juel Rosenbak joins A/S Mortalin as Sales Consultant, April 1. 2024

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New Project

Rasmus and Camilla launch Stendyssegård Hestepension, September 2024

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New family mamber

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that our son Matti has been born healthy and well, June 2022

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Get In Touch

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